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The End of Academic Elites
American Thinker
The internet has changed everything, so much so that even I, a man who has been online for 19 years, am constantly amazed at the pace of accelerated change. The printing press changed the world in a few decades in the 16th century. The internet is even ...

The Curious Case of Black Advocates and MSM Hatred for Dr. Ben Carson
American Thinker
To you remaining black members of my family who take issue with me being an outspoken black conservative Republican, I ask you ponder the following. Comedian Arsenio Hall was known for his comedic bit, “Things That Make You Go Hmmm...” Well, here ...

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The Syrian Refugee Program Has the Hallmarks of the Obama Style
American Thinker
President Obama's directive that the U.S. admit 10,000 Syrian refugees as a humanitarian measure has many hallmarks of his governing style: it lacks a proper legal basis; it will harm rather than help its purported beneficiaries; it will undermine ...

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